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Thermal power station at Hand

We have a solution for all kinds of applications; residentials, buildings, commerce and industrial. 

  • 26 HP to 800 HP and more

  1. Pellet boilers

  2. Pellet saturated vapor generators

  3. Pellet hot air generators 

  4. Pellet radiant tubes

  5. Pellet injector type burners

New Features

Consumption without energy consumption is a key factor in the industrial sector, the industrial sector, the use of steam in technological processes influences production costs and profiles can be affected by fluctuations in the prices of fossil fuels.


The new ecoHORNET technology consists of a high-efficiency combustion and environmentally friendly reset, at incineration temperatures above 1250 1250 ° C, with minimum pollutant emissions of fairy pellets made from any biomass. Simultaneously integrates processes such as gasification, combustion, incineration, post-combustion and heat transfer with optimized heat transfer.

The ecoHORNET multi-system burner is designed to burn pellets of various materials, biodegradable materials, allowing the use of a wide range of dimensions of pellets.


In industries such as timber, logistics, food, agriculture, part of the waste - pallets, sawdust or shells, waste or organic waste - can be transformed into pellets. Thus, wastes are transformed at times costing money to dispose of them into an energy efficient source of energy for the household and commercial consumption.


Agriculture and food industry

Agriculture and the food industry are favored by the use of ecoHORNET equipment: greenhouses, dryers and dehumidifiers, chicken and pig farms, feeders, bakeries, dairy producers, canned fruits, vegetables, meat processors, wine vineyards, producers of dried mushrooms and fruits, etc.


Energy consumption is a key factor for agriculture and the food industry and ecoHORNET offers advantages: savings of at least 50% of the heating bill, reduction of waste disposal costs, use of sub- products and waste for their own energy purchases of diesel, natural gas or electricity.


Whatever you need, we will supply it; Thermic, electricity, steam, biochar, pyrolysis gas, pyrolysis oil using biomass or organic residual matter for; residential, commerce, building, industries, etc. 


With our solution you produce the cheapest MWe !

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Patented and Applied Technologies

  1. Conversion of pelletized biomass into energy, the high temperatures superior to 1200° C

  2. 100% recycling of contemporary waste by thermal and thermochemical treatment (pyrolysis): biomass, household waste, sewage sludge, plastic waste, rubber waste, oil sludge, hydrocarbon soil, coal, used oil, etc.


Patent; Nr. 123389, Nr. 128229, Nr. 130643, A 00576/2019

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