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Pellet Boilers 20kWt - 500 kWt

EcoHORNET pellet boilers - Product: hot water, superheated water, steam, diathermic oil, etc.

EcoHORNET thermal power plants represent the optimum combination of performance, energy efficiency, safety, comfort and ecology. The new model of ecoHORNET heat pump is a modern and very efficient equipment and includes all the functions necessary to produce, store and distribute heat, producing hot water. It is a product that includes a complete technical chamber. EcoHORNET thermal power plants are produced in the range from 20 to 600 kW.

EcoHORNET thermal power plants represent the optimal equipment for heating and hot water production in single-family homes and large buildings: hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, greenhouses, livestock farms, residential areas as well as hot water production for the industrial sector.

EcoHORNET thermal power plants allow cascade installation of several megawatts in modular installations. EcoHORNET thermal power plants can be connected to conventional heating systems (radiators, fans, underfloor heating) or can be interconnected with other thermal energy systems.

Pellet boiler

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Class 5 efficiency and emission

EcoHORNET thermal power plants are designed to meet the highest demands of the third millennium in terms of heat production efficiency, minimum CO and particles emissions. But also access to inexhaustible fuel that respects the environment. EcoHORNET thermal power plants are a guarantee of efficiency and compliance with emission class 5, applicable to all national and local subsidy programs ...


A technical room in a power plant

The ecoHORNET thermal boiler is fully equipped for the distribution of heat on 2/3 independent heating circuits, with circulation pumps, mixing valves, room thermostat and anti-condensation circuit. Dramatically reduce assembly time, installer disruption and avoid installation errors in the technical room or incompatible materials.

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Easy to use

Due to the efficient combustion process and the quality of the materials, the boiler does not need repeated cleaning or maintenance. The equipment is programmed from the factory. The user does not need to make a lot of settings or adjustments.

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100% safe

Operational safety is guaranteed by a high-performance system that controls all the functions of the equipment. The standard equipment includes all the safety components of a modern heating system.

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Efficiency 96% -98%

The high efficiency of the boiler is kept constant throughout the life of the boiler, thanks to the ecoHORNET burner design, combustion dynamics and full automation control. The efficiency of the boiler does not depend on the raw material from which the pellets are produced. The equipment is perfectly adaptable to all raw granulation materials, with a nominal power remaining constant.

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EcoHORNET units do not modulate, they operate at nominal power for the duration of their operation, until the heating medium reaches the programmed temperature, then stops completely.

ADVANTAGE: low electricity consumption, no tar creation on the walls of the boiler when the air inlet is reduced - as in the case of modulation, premature wear due to excessive operation is avoided.

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100% combustion control

The forced draft operation ensures 100% control of the oxygen flow required for combustion. It is uniform throughout the mass of the granule in the burner. Each pellet particle receives the oxygen necessary for complete combustion, so that the flue gases have a minimum content of particles, moisture or organic compounds.

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100% quality materials and construction

EcoHORNET equipment is designed for a long service life. The burner and the combustion chamber are made of stainless steel, resistant to temperature variations, and the heat exchanger is made of steel. All electrical and electronic components are made in the EU.



Efficiency     <>    Technology    <>   Application

  1. EcoHORNET burner

  2. Heat exchanger

  3. Heat recovery

  4. Integrated boiler

  5. Exhaust

  6. Ash pan

  7. Pellet feeding

  8. Automating

  9. Acceleration of the burning system

  10. Installation material, 2 heating circuits and anti-condensation circuit

Standard equipments:



Multi-system ecoHORNET boiler / burner / auger feed system / fully protected automation panel with Internet control and supervision / 300kg pellet tank / flue gas outlet / heat exchanger / electrical protection assembly / transducer flow rate / pressure gauge / temperature gauge / safety valve (5bar) / temperature, thermal, movement, capacitive sensors, combustion gas temperature / installation materials 2 heating circuits and anti-condensation circuit: circulation pumps, mixing valves, detection valves, valve filters, water expansion tank, etc.


Optional :


  1. Large plants can be supplied with an automatic ash removal system and large capacity mobile ash storage.

  2. The boilers can be fed with minimal equipment without heating circuit, pumps, etc., only with anti-condensation valves.



The patented ecoHORNET multi-system burner develops pellet combustion temperatures above 1250 ° C where all the calorific value of the fuel is recycled, transforming it into thermal energy. The combustion efficiency is close to 100%, the combustion is complete, without smoke in the combustion gases. The ecoHORNET burner is a mobile, self-cleaning burner for the use of less energetic pellets. The burner and the combustion chamber are made of special stainless steel, resistant to temperatures above 1300 ° C and temperature variations.


Heat recovery

As a novelty, we have introduced the third exchange zone, a heat recovery, which uses the exhaust gas temperature of 100-120 ° C to preheat the heat transfer medium, before entering the heat exchanger. The heat does not form condensation because, after burning above 1250 ° C in the multi-system burner, the flue gas is "dry", it does not contain water vapor.


Grate acceleration and cleaning system

The equipment has burner acceleration mechanisms to maintain rated output even if lower calorific pellets are used. So even if you use straw, grass, sewage sludge pellets, the equipment will produce the same amount of thermal energy as when you use wood pellets.


Automatic feeding system

The pellet feed is done automatically, with a conveying screw driven by a capacitive sensor. The pellet tank is independent of the boiler body, depending on the space available, it can be used in the standard 300 kg or other large capacity container. The pellet feed system is equipped with safety devices to prevent damage if accidental foreign objects are entrained.


Security systems

Electrical protection kit: due to electrical fluctuations / interruptions that may affect the electronic components of the boiler or disrupt the correct operation, we have included a standard set of protection: inverter with stabilizer, rectifier and 2 batteries.


Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger has been specially designed to operate at high temperatures without wear over time and to ensure optimum energy transfer from the hot pellets. It is manufactured in special steel for boilers, in accordance with the latest regulations in force. It contains a large amount of heat and takes over the functions of a thermal accumulator (buffer tank). The heat exchanger efficiently transmits the energy produced by the combustion of the pellets into the thermal agent, even if the boiler develops temperatures above 1250 ° C, the temperature of the exhaust gases does not exceed 60-80 ° C. The difference in thermal energy is transferred to the thermal agent. This translates into exceptional performance which, for the user, translates into low pellet consumption. It has two heat exchange zones, they take both flame radiation and flue gas convection.


Domestic hot water production

Inside the boiler, there is production and storage of hot water. Hot water is produced extremely efficiently because the boiler is completely submerged in the hot thermal agent of the heat exchanger. The replacement area is much larger than battery-mounted external heaters. It is economical and efficient to use the boiler in summer, only for hot water production, the boiler only starts for a few days, depending on consumption.


Forced draft combustion control

Smoke-free and tar-free combustion in the exhaust gases allows forced draft operation. The fan is mounted on the exhaust gases. The forced draft operation ensures 100% control of the oxygen flow required for combustion which is uniform throughout the mass of the pellet. But also in the burner, in the combustion including the smoke particles. Each pellet particle receives the oxygen necessary for complete combustion, so that the combustion gases have a minimum content of particles, moisture or organic compounds. The exhaust of combustion gases is not influenced by atmospheric conditions.



Complete automation with high-performance equipment and software developed in collaboration with the Austrian company SIGMATEK GmbH & Co. KG allows total control of thermal energy production as well as all the systems that make up the installation and allows them to be integrated. in complex heating systems. The color touch screen will provide full information on the operation of the equipment. Equipment can be monitored and programmed remotely via an Internet connection, so you always have control of your heating system.


Efficiency     <>    Technology    <>   Application



EcoHORNET can generate savings from 50% of the heating and hot water bill, improves the quality of life and comfort at home, whether it is individual dwellings or apartment buildings. Users become independent of national pricing policies, taxes and excise duties, future regulations that will increasingly pay for pollution, fossil fuel consumption and energy inefficiency.



Schools, apartment buildings, town halls, district heating stations, municipal sports centers, hospitals, public buildings, etc. are some of the buildings for which heating with ecoHORNET equipment is an asset. ecoHORNET to generate the heat and hot water they need.

Agro-pellets are a local, manageable and renewable source of energy, much cheaper than fossil fuels, resulting in budget savings of over 50%. Agro-pellets generate jobs locally. ECOHORNET is a solution for local decision makers, mayors and members of local councils, technicians and heads of departments, local development groups or any municipal municipality concerned with improving the quality of life of people in its administration.


Real estate projects

Real estate with good energy performance is easier to sell or rent! EcoHORNET is a solution for real estate developers, architects, designers, builders, property managers. It is a chance for them to integrate biomass in real estate projects with maximum economic benefits.

EcoHORNET equipment for hot water and heating is one of the most attractive solutions to: significantly improve the energy performance of the building, with several times shorter than any of the passive measures. Green energy buildings are more attractive to customers.

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