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Who We Are

We are a Canadian company incorporated last April 2021 and has an agreement to promote and distribute ecoHornet's products and service in Canada, the United States, Central America and South America, and a many other countries. 

Our company NovoChar International has been created by some business people owning the companies Métal Protection Lenoli Inc. and AnodAM, both being companies specializing respectively in electrostatic painting and holding a patent in anodizing producing a layer of ceramic unmatched to date on magnesium market segment.

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Vision, Mission & Value


NovoChar International was created with as its ultimate goal to provide THE GLOBAL AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTION to   address the issues of ecological and cost-effective waste disposal and recovery, definitively.

The presence of NovoChar International will revolutionize the waste management and green energy industries by:

  • Offering a unique and comprehensive solution for the disposal of 100% of waste without impacting the environment and the climate in any way;

  • Enabling waste disposal to be a profitable enterprise by converting 100% of waste into end products, all of which are marketable.

NovoChar International is positioning itself as a key player in the creation of an accessible and effective solution to help curb the major environmental and economic impacts arising from the current waste crisis by converting it into a green circular economic.

This important innovation will propel NovoChar International to become an important world's leaders in the waste into green energy processing industry.



NovoChar international ‘s primary mission is to promote, sale and develop, exclusives and comprehensive solution that allows the disposal and recovery of 100% of organic residual as part of a simple process; a process that is totally eco-friendly.

NovoChar international ‘s goal is to evolve ecoHornet’s innovation so that it stands out primarily for the following reasons:

  • No waste sorting needed - Greatly simplifies the overall waste management process by not requiring selective collection; 

  • Requires no landfill - By eliminating 100% of waste, the process generates no waste material to be buried, thus causing no greenhouse gas emissions;

  • Nearly - No heat emission, no steam emissions and no particle emissions, it doesn’t generate any olfactory, visual and sound pollution;

  • Offers the ability to choose the type of green energy produced - One can opt for green energy that best meets local needs as well as maximize the marketing and profitability potentials for the uses of the solution.


NovoChar International is concerned with the legacy that will be passed on to future generations. This concern translates into an unwavering commitment to the company's goals and has served as the basis for defining the values that are the company's reason to be.

NovoChar International is committed to providing an innovative and evolving solution with his main partner ecoHornet to curb the growing environmental damage caused by the waste crisis and adheres to the values of creativity, responsibility, integrity, innovation and wealth creation.

These values are held in common with all stakeholders in the project and the communities with which NovoChar International will have the privilege of sharing a complementary solution.

Mr Hornet
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We still have to define the help we need.  We have a big vision for the future. 

We will need engineers, sales representatives to start 

Engineer (1)

Speciality either in waste management and in thermodynamic

Sale Manager (2)

International experience

Mr Lulian  HORNET
owner of ecoHornet




The largest inventive exhibition in South East Europe under IFIA (International Federation of Inventor Associations) and WIIPA (World Inventions Intellectual Property Associations) awarded ECOHORNET SRL with the BEST DESIGN award.

Iasi, Romania, May 20-21, 2016.



World Confederation of Businesses 

World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) awarded ECOHORNET SRL the 2015 THE BIZZ award.


Athens, Greece, May 16, 2015,

Las Vegas, USA, August 1, 2015



Europe Business Assembly et International Socrates Commettee

Europe Business Assembly and International Socrates Commettee awarded the award for BEST COMPANY to ecoHORNET SRL for its activity in the field of thermal and electrical energy production.

Oxford, UK, October 14, 2015.



Europe Business Assembly et International Socrates Commettee

During the UGAL INVENT exhibition on research and innovation, which took place at Dunarea University in Jos Galati, Iuliean Hornet received the gold medal for his invention "Multi-system burner and combustion process organic granulated biomass'


Galati, Romania, October 8-10, 2014


Gold Medal


During the UGAL INVENT exhibition on research and innovation, which took place at Dunarea University in Jos Galati, Iuliean Hornet received the gold medal for his invention "Multi-system burner and combustion process organic granulated biomass'


Galati, Romania, October 8-10, 2014

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