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Pellet injector type generator

Pellet injector type burners 20 kWt - 600 kWt

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EcoHORNET pellet burners -


Unique - Equipped with ash collector, combustion accelerator and self-cleaning).


Can be applied to old and new equipment to replace fossil fuels (LPG, CLU, Gas, Diesel, Fuel oil) , Oil, Wood, Coal, etc. by facilitating access to clean and ecological heating.

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Green energy and savings of at least 50% of the thermal energy bill

For industry and for agriculture or construction, residential use, replacement of fossil fuel burners, pollutants, ecoHORNET burners running on biomass pellets of all kinds significantly reduce energy costs as well as emissions CO and particulates. The use of renewable energy in the activity of the company determines the increase in the energy efficiency of the whole company, the products manufactured have a competitive production cost, and the company improves its image brand in respect of the environment.


• the only burners that collect the ash outside the heat exchanger

• self-cleaning

• firing acceleration system for the use of low energy pellets

• 94-99% efficiency

• Access to cheap, ecological and rapidly renewable fuel

• User independence from fiscal and excise policies on fossil fuels, gas transmission and distribution networks, electricity, etc.

World premiere!

Collect ashes outside the heat exchanger

Unlike other pellet burners that work with inhaled air, ecoHORNET burners collect ash outside the heat exchanger. EcoHORNET burners operate with forced draft, fully burning of pellets occurs only on the grill, without the hot material being transferred to the air stream.



Higher overall efficiency = cheap energy: The heat exchanger retains its operating efficiency by maintaining a clean, uncoated surface or burnt pellets.

Easy Operation: Ash removal is easy without removing the burner from the heat exchanger.

The polluting emissions from ecoHORNET burners are lower than the limits that will be imposed in 2020 by the European Commission directive:


  • CO emissions <250 mg / Nm³

  • particulate emissions <7 mg / Nm³

  • VOC emissions <10 mg / Nm³

- ON-OFF operation: ecoHORNET burners do not modulate, they operate at nominal power throughout their operation. On / Off control is given by the room thermostat (if used for room heating) or the thermal sensor temperature sensor for industrial applications. Ignition is automatic

- 100% quality materials: ecoHORNET equipment is designed for a long lifespan. The burner and combustion chamber are made of stainless steel which is specially resistant to high temperatures and temperature variations, and stainless steel and stainless steel are made of stainless steel. All electrical and electronic components are made in the EU.

- 100% combustion control: The forced draft operation guarantees 100% control of the oxygen flow required for combustion, combustion is uniform throughout the mass of the pellet in the burner. Each pellet particle receives the oxygen necessary for complete combustion, so that the flue gases have a minimum content of particles, moisture or organic compounds.

- 100% safety: Operational safety is guaranteed by a high-performance system that controls all the functions of the equipment.

Dotation standard :

• ecoHORNET injector type burner

• Worm feed system

• Sigmatek GmBH automation, color touch display, internet control and command

• pellet tank for AHP20-200

• room thermostat or temperature sensor of the thermal sensor, depending on the applications

• UPS, stabilizer, inverter, rectifier 2 batteries 50A


Efficiency    <>     Technology    <>      Application



The patented ecoHORNET multi-system burner develops pellet combustion temperatures above 1250 ° C, all the calorific value of the fuel is recycled, transforming it into thermal energy. The combustion efficiency is close to 100%, the combustion is complete, without smoke in the combustion gases. The ecoHORNET burner is a mobile, self-cleaning and heating burner for the use of less energetic pellets. The burner and the combustion chamber are made of special stainless steel, resistant to temperatures above 1300 ° C and temperature variations. The ecoHORNET burner uses both pellets made from non-woody biomass and wood pellets.



Complete automation with high-performance equipment and software developed in collaboration with the Austrian company SIGMATEK GmbH & Co. KG allows complete control of thermal energy production as well as all the systems that make up the installation and allows them to be integrated. in complex heating systems. The color touch screen will provide full information on the operation of the equipment. Equipment can be monitored and programmed remotely via an Internet connection, so you always have control of your heating system.


Automatic feeding system

The pellet feed is done automatically, with a conveying screw driven by a capacitive sensor.

Advantage: The pellet tank is independent of the boiler body, depending on the space available, it can be used in the standard 600/800 liters or other large capacity container.

Safety: The pellet feed system is equipped with safety devices to prevent damage if accidental foreign objects are entrained.


Burner acceleration and grill cleaning system

The equipment has burner acceleration mechanisms to maintain rated output even if lower calorific pellets are used. So even if you use straw, grass, sewage sludge pellets, the equipment will produce the same amount of thermal energy as when you use wood pellets.



Smoke-free and tar-free combustion in the exhaust gases allows forced draft operation. The blower is mounted on the exhaust gases. The forced draft operation ensures 100% control of the oxygen flow required for combustion, combustion is uniform throughout the mass of the pellet in the burner, complete combustion including smoke particles.

Each pellet particle receives the oxygen necessary for complete combustion, so that the flue gases have a minimum content of particles, moisture or organic compounds. SAFETY: The exhaust of combustion gases is not influenced by atmospheric conditions.


Protection kit

Due to electrical fluctuations / interruptions that may affect the electronic components of the boiler system or interfere with proper operation, we have included a standard protection kit: inverter with inverter, stabilizer, rectifier and 2 accumulators functions. In the event of an interruption in the power supply, the automation checks the opening of the safety hatch and the combustion gases do not pass through the exchanger, they are evacuated directly into the chimney by natural draft until the fuel is burnt from the grill.


Efficiency    <>     Technology    <>      Application

Type of applications:


  • Thermal power stations on wood or fossil fuels

  • Ovens

  • Hot air convectors

  • Steam boilers

  • Grain dryers

  • Heat exchangers

  • Diatermic oil boilers

  • Electricity production on Turbine or Stirling engines


The ecoHORNET AHP700 burner replaced the diesel injector with a hot air generator which serves a grain dryer. (Targu Jiu, Gorj).


EcoHORNET burner type injector fitted to the Buderus diesel fuel boiler


EcoHORNET AHP80 burner mounted on a hot air generator (diesel injector replaced)

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