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Pellet radiant tube 20 kWt - 225 kWt

Pellet radiant type

Pellet burners for ecoHORNET radiant tubes - (3 in 1)

Simultaneously heat:

  1. by radiation (high spaces),

  2. with hot air (offices),

  3. hot water

By applying ecoHORNET combustion technology to radiant tubes, it has made possible the efficient and environmentally friendly heating of large spaces such as industrial halls, warehouses, sports halls, churches, exhibition complexes, garages, hangars, etc.


Efficient heating of tall enclosures

ECOHORNET France SARL uses, a world first, pellet burners to heat the radiant tubes. The absence of ash and smoke particles in the flue gases and the combustion temperature allow the thermal energy resulting from the combustion of the pellets to be transmitted in the radiant tubes while maintaining constant operating parameters throughout use. without the need for repeated cleaning.


Unlike conventional gas, liquid or electric radiant tubes, the use of ecoHORNET burners with radiant tube pellets offers these large consumers the possibility of obtaining cheap, ecological and efficient thermal energy.


Efficiency    <>     Technology    <>      Application

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Green energy and energy independence

In a world first, SC ECOHORNET SRL uses pellet burners to heat the radiant tubes: the absence of particles of ash, of fumes and the combustion temperature make it possible to transmit the thermal energy resulting from the combustion of the pellets in the radiant tubes. while keeping the operating parameters constant throughout use and without requiring repeated cleaning operations.

Unlike conventional gas, liquid or electric radiant tubes, the use of ecoHORNET burners with pellets for radiant tubes offers these large consumers the possibility of obtaining inexpensive, ecological and efficient thermal energy.

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Financial savings thanks to the use of non-polluting energies

Heating with radiant tubes and pellets is the most efficient and economical option for high spaces because the heat is transmitted to the objects in the perimeter served by the radiant tubes, with direct heating on the working areas, identical to the heating by solar rays, not a huge volume of air.

One of the advantages of radiant tube heating is that the heating effect occurs a few minutes after the burner has started, as the system does not need to run until there is activity in the burner. space. The resulting heat is distributed evenly and comfortably without air and dust.


Standard equipment:


  • EcoHORNET injector type burner

  • feeding system with worm screw

  • Sigmatek GmBH automation, color touch screen, internet control and command

  • pellet tank capacity 300kg

  • radio room thermostat

  • UPS protection kit, stabilizer, inverter, rectifier 2 batteries 50A

  • radiant tube and reflector

  • Optional: stainless steel heat exchanger for hot water production.

  • The installation of the radiant tube is carried out at a height of 4.5-10 m and the surface heated by the radiation of the tubes varies between 100 and 400 m2.

Efficiency    <>     Technology    <>      Application



The patented ecoHORNET multi-system burner develops pellet combustion temperatures above 1250 ° C, all the calorific value of the fuel is recycled, transforming it into thermal energy. The combustion efficiency is close to 100%, the combustion is complete, without smoke in the combustion gases.

The ecoHORNET burner is a mobile, self-cleaning and heating burner for the use of less energetic pellets. The burner and the combustion chamber are made of special stainless steel, resistant to temperatures above 1300 ° C and temperature variations.


Radiant tube

U-shaped or linear radiant tube:

ATR20 - radiant tube U 2 x 4-7m

ATR40 - radiant tube U 2 x 8-11m

ATR60 - radiant tube U 2 x 12-15m

Reflective aluminum screen with the role of standardizing and directing the radiation


Automatic feeding system

The pellet feed is done automatically, with a transport screw driven by a capacitive sensor. ADVANTAGE: The pellet tank is independent of the boiler body, depending on the space available, it can be used in the standard 600/800 liters or other large capacity container. SAFETY: The pellet feed system is equipped with safety devices to prevent damage if accidental foreign objects are entrained.


Security system

Protection kit:

Due to electrical fluctuations / interruptions that may affect the electronic components of the boiler system or interfere with proper operation, we have included a standard protection kit: inverter with inverter, stabilizer, rectifier and 2 accumulators functions.


Burner acceleration system and grill cleaning

The equipment has burner acceleration mechanisms to maintain rated output even if lower heat pellets are used.


Forced burning control

Smoke-free and tar-free combustion in the exhaust gases allows forced draft operation. The blower is mounted on the exhaust gases.

The forced draft operation ensures 100% control of the oxygen flow required for combustion, combustion is uniform throughout the mass of the pellet in the burner, complete combustion including smoke particles.

Each pellet particle receives the oxygen necessary for complete combustion, so that the flue gases have a minimum content of particles, moisture or organic compounds. SAFETY: The exhaust of combustion gases is not influenced by atmospheric conditions.



Complete automation with high-performance equipment and software developed in collaboration with the Austrian company SIGMATEK GmbH & Co. KG allows complete control of thermal energy production as well as all the systems that make up the installation and allows them to be integrated. in complex heating systems.

The color touch screen will provide full information on the operation of the equipment. Equipment can be monitored and programmed remotely via an Internet connection, so you always have control of your heating system.


Radio room thermostat

Allows programming of room temperature, heating times in a daily and weekly schedule. Controls the burner according to the set temperature and operating time.


Efficiency    <>     Technology    <>      Application

Heating of tall enclosures:


  • Industrial halls

  • Deposits

  • sports halls

  • Service workshop, garages

  • Sheds

  • Exhibition complexes


The ecoHORNET burner with radiant tube pellets is a complex system that meets all the requirements of this type of user. For example, the 60 kW radiant burner achieves:

  • heating of 400 square meters industrial hall by radiation

  • heating of 400 m² of offices, hot air showroom

  • produces 500 - 700 liters of hot water at 65ºC / 8 hours.

The fuel consumption is extremely low and does not exceed 1.2 euro / h.

(the photo above is a radiant tube at the production plant in Bucharest-Romania that we use in our own premises)


Location: Bucharest


Equipment: mobile ecoHORNET AHP 60 burner with U-shaped radiant tubes, 12 ml


This company produces concrete cells for electrical transformers. In winter, for about three months, the company stopped working and laid off workers because it was impossible to heat the production hall h = 15m to the temperature for drying concrete.

  • EcoHORNET mounted a burner on mobile radiant tubes, ATR 60, U-shaped radiant tubes, 12 ml.

  • Thus, in 8 hours, 4 casts of 200 square meters, 800 square meters of concrete slabs, with a cost of only 10 euros

  • The company can also work during the winter.

Location: Dacia showroom, Resita

Equipment: ecoHORNET AHP 60 burner with U-shaped radiant tubes, 12 ml

The installation of the equipment made it possible to locate the scene locally. During rehearsals, the whole room does not heat up, only the stage where the artists are rehearsing.

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